How To Stop Notifications While Playing Games

Notifications on your phone is the most important thing which lets you know about everything happening. You will always receive notifications on your device in the form of messages, emails, advertisements and other specific notifications particularly when you are connected with the internet. However important theses notifications are sometimes they become inconvenient, specifically while you are playing the game. Most of the famous game nowadays like PUBG or Fortnite requires constant internet connection to run them, at that time these notifications might turn irritating. Just imagine you are playing the game and are in a situation to win, at the same time your phone vibrates and you get distracted and miss the chance to win the game.

To avoid any distractions while playing games, you should have disallowed notifications on your phone. Most of the smartphones nowadays comes with the built-in game mode that allows you to hide notifications and block calls while you are gaming. This will let you buy the peace of mind and play games without any interruptions. And even if your phone has no game mode, you can do so by the two methods. We will discuss both the methods in this article, where as the first one is focussed on resort to switching DND mode the second one is the manual process. Let’s have a look on these methods and enjoy unlimited gaming without distractions.

Gaming DND

1. Through Macrodroid

This simple automation app similar to the tasker will let you do the same by creating script. Here you need trigger or action in order to set macro in motion. Switching to the DND mode can be action where as opening the game is the trigger. This task of disallowing notifications during gameplay may be done through following steps.

1. Open Macrodroid and select the Add Macro option to add your first trigger. Now tap on the Applications then enter Applications Launched/Closed and select the Applications Launched. Enter the name of the game from the list as well as check the boxes and hit OK option.

2.After adding trigger, in the second step you have to add the action. For that select the Action tab, scroll down through the menu choose the Volume and tap on the first option. It is named as Priority Mode/ Do Not Disturb.

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While choosing these modes you are prompted with options, among them you have to select the Allow Priority Notifications option and select the OK button.

3. After completing the above steps, now you should select the tick icon and just name the macro. So that afterwards whenever you launch the gaming app your phone will be automatically on the DND mode.

To complete this method the second and alternative macro which is exactly reverse in the action of the above is necessary.

4. To do so select the Add Macro option. But this time the process is revese of the previous one. It means tap on the trigger select Applications enter the Application Launched/Closed option and choose the Applications Closed. Once again select the name of the game.

5.In this step tap on the Action tab, scroll down through the menu and choose the Volume as well as Priority Mode select the Allow All options.

6. As mentioned above save the macro and name it.

By this way of adding macro you can configure your phone according to your priorities and save yourself from any distractions during gameplay.

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2. By Focusbot

This app enables you to block notifications and calls for the duration, as the app is launched. It collects all the notifications in the bulk from which you can see later.

The most interesting feature of the app is the facility of AutoReply, that enables you to send text messages for every call and messages you’ve missed during. You can activate this feature to get the benefit of it. You can just configure the app according to your needs. After that you should have to tap the Focus ON button and enjoy the gaming without any disturbances.

These above mentioned are the two best methods in addition to the gaming mode to enjoy the disturbance free gaming. This simple and convenient way ensure your peace of mind at least at the time of amusement and you will focus on the gameplay adequately.