How to Sync Fitbit Smartwatch with Phone or Computer

Fitbit has gained a crucial chunk of smartwatch & fitness tracker market due to its reliable products assured with amazing features and affordable range. If you are using the Fitbit smartwatch whether it is Versa, ionic or Charge 3 fitness tracker, it is very important to sync the watch with your phone or computer in order to transfer the data over the device to Fitbit app. But sometimes you may face issues such as Fitbit is not syncing with your device properly from time to time. Here we will discuss how to sync Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker with your phone or computer and make it work properly.

1. Syncing with Fitbit is a cakewalk as once it is set up and connected with your phone.

2. Ensure that it has consistent Bluetooth connection with your phone and prepared to get linked when you open the Fitbit app.

3. While the app is running in background tap on the device and scroll down and select the All-Day Sync option to ensure automatic syncing throughout the day.

4. But if you come across with any issues in automatic data transfer you can choose to manually sync your Fitbit with the app.

Fitbit smartwatch

5. When All-Day Sync option doesn’t work you can switch to manual syncing option. To do this swipe down from the Fitbit app home screen and start the process.

6. You may see the lines running from left to right just above the main tracking panel as the process is being completed. Unlike the auto sync case, here the data from your phone will be updated only when you enter the app.

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Sync your Fitbit with computer:

If you don’t have the compatible smartphone, you can switch to sync your Fitbit data with your computer. For that purpose you should have Fitbit Sync dongle. Ensure that your Fitbit has been registered and you have completed all the setups properly. To complete the Fitbit sync with your computer follow the process:

1. Download Fitbit connect.

2. Sign in with your Fitbit account details and connect Fitbit sync dongle.

3. The data syncs automatically or just press the sync to do it manually.

4. Login to Fitbit dashboard.

This is the whole process to sync Fitbit data either with your phone or computer. Though the process is simple but sometimes you may come across with some issues while syncing the data. Most of the time problem arises due to you are not filling requirements. To overcome all the troubleshooting in ensure that you have completed all the basic requirements such as proper connection, latest version of the app and compatible device etc. Instead of having completed the requirements if you still face issues in syncing, you may consider to perform a hard reset or factory reset to the Fitbit app to ensure the effective syncing.