How To Take Screenshot On Samsung Smartphones

In this era of technology, we use smartphones for internet surfing, for capturing photos and for various other purposes. While reading something on internet or somewhere else we note some information important so to copy it instantly on every smartphone there is interesting feature of Screenshot to save the information directly into your gallery without much efforts to see it whenever required. For example, when we read important notes on Wikipedia or other sites we come across very important point, with the feature of Screenshot we can save that information which is available to us even when there is no internet connection.

We can take screenshots on every Android smartphone but the process of capturing screenshot on various smartphones of different companies is quite different. The Samsung smartphones are always come with easy solution. Back in days or 2-3 years ago we could swap palm on the main screen for perfect shot. That was the easy for some users but most of them find it difficult, because taking screenshot there were chances to move screen a little bit.

Take Screenshot on Samsung

That was also easy on high end smartphones like Galaxy S, A & J series phones, but quite difficult on low end phones. To overcome this problem Samsung come with new solution which is perfect for every user. So, to take it we have to follow different steps, here is the easy steps to capture the screenshots on your Samsung smartphones. These steps are common for Samsung Android phones as well as Samsung Tizen phones.

Take Screenshot on Samsung Phones:

1. For Samsung smartphones the process is that you have to press the Home button + Power button for few seconds (for Android & Tizen OS). By this way you will get the screenshot on your device.

2. The process of screenshot for the mobiles Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S9 & Galaxy Note 8 is quite different. For that you have to hold down the Power button and Volume-Down button for few seconds.

This is the simple process to capture the screenshot on your smartphones. You may follow the method according to your smartphone to easily save the information or data of your importance directly to the device for the easy accessibility of it later. Above steps are common for both Android & Tizen smartphones, except Galaxy S8, S9 & Note 8. The Tizen users with Samsung Z4, Samsung Z3, Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z1 can follow same steps to capture the screen. If you have any difficulty regarding these methods then contact us in the comment box below.