How To Take Screenshots On Samsung Z3

The Samsung Z3 is new and powerful smartphone from Samsung for their Tizen lineup. The first Z1 was the well start from company and Samsung Z3 made it even more successful gadget. In many countries it is trending smartphone and many reviewers gave it full marks for its advanced and improved features. This time it has many such features which you don’t see in first Tizen smartphone, in many ways it is ultimate device for Tizen users. The Samsung Z3 directly competes with Android and Windows mid range smartphones. The main benefit of Tizen Phones is that it needs less requirements in hardware as well as software and that’s a reason any Tizen devices runs faster on less hardware specs.

It is not only the reason Samsung Z3 is good at, there are many features for customer’s satisfaction. It is the reason I am here to guide you to find out those unique features. Today, I will tell you how to take screenshots on Samsung Z3 in easy steps. The main benefits of taking screenshots are it can save your favorite images in gallery. Also if you want to take pictures of important content then you can take screenshots and again use it to take pictures of your favorite movie or video scenes and save it on your device. Now use these following simple steps to take screenshots on your Samsung Z3.


1. First, put your finger on the Home button of Samsung Z3.

2. Second, put another finger on Power button which located on right side of Samsung Z3.

3. Now press both buttons at the same time, that’s it, now your screenshot will save in your gallery.

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If you used Samsung Galaxy series smartphones then you should know how to take screenshots, but if you aren’t then you can use above steps. These are very easy steps, just press both Home and Power buttons at the same time and you will get your screenshots.

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