How To Update Apple Watch Series 4

The new Apple Watch Series 4 is most advanced premium smartwatch at the present moment and the main rival to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The new watch has many software features like heart rate monitoring, ECG, exclusive health apps and other functions, which makes it best smartwatch for every customer. It is rich in software features still Apple releases many new watchOS software updates to the watch to make it up to date. Now like the iPhone or iPad you have to install these new updates on your watch.

Apple will release new update automatically on your Apple Watch Series 4 if all the settings haven’t changed. But if for some reason the setting has changed to update new version, then you have to do it manually. It is not that hard to install new watchOS version on your Apple smartwatch. Follow some basic steps and you will get the new update.

Apple Watch Update

1. Make sure you have paired your iPhone with Apple Watch Series 4.

2. Now check your watch charged at least 50% or more.

3. Open the Watch app on the iPhone and tap on My Watch tab.

4. In the My Watch tab, tap on General -> Software update.

5. Enter your passcode (if you have set).

6. Now download the update. Don’t disconnect your watch until the watchOS software update is finished.

That’s it, now new software version will install on your Apple Watch Series 4. The new update could take some time to downloads so put your Apple Watch on charger and don’t disconnect it with iPhone.

Sometimes due to the slow internet connection it takes time to download new software so give it some time. You can use same steps to get new watchOS updates on Apple Watch Series 3 & Series 2 smartwatches. You can ask any question if you have any trouble while downloading new watchOS update on your watch.