How To Update Apps From Tizen Store

After increases in the demand for Tizen apps, most developers are now serious about their apps. They are now more serous about their work than they were before. It was the last year when we rarely had got updates for existing apps (don’t even talk about ACL for Tizen enabled apps). This year story is different, now all the players are giving best of their creativities. It is the reason in a week there are at least 4-5 apps in store who gets new versions. Even ACL enabled apps are getting new features with latest versions. So it is better to know how to update any apps from Tizen Store.

The steps to get newest update are very easy, but some users are finding trouble in the process. Updates are really important for every apps, same as software updates for smartphone OS. It secures our phone and also increases speed of apps and battery life.

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The new updates for apps brings new features to make it even needy. So it is very important to get new version on time to time. The apps in Tizen Store are now receiving more updates month on month, which is good sign for users. The apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram are the one who needs updates every month to stay update to date for user security. Most customers ask for new WhatsApp Messenger updates in store so I want to guide them to install new app updates. Now follow some simple steps to download new version from Tizen Store.

Update Tizen Apps

1) Open Tizen Store app

The app is available on every Tizen smartphones – Samsung Z1, Samsung Z3, Samsung Z4 and Samsung Z2. You can call it Play Store or App Store of Tizen. Now open it.

2) Now tap on Menu button

Menu Button available on left side in below corner or it is the physical button on left side to the Home Button.

3) Select My Apps option

When you pressed Menu Button you will see many options in drop down list. The first option is My Apps, open it.

4) Choose Apps to Update

In My Apps section you will see two tabs Update & All. Your all downloaded and installed apps will present in ‘All’ tab. And the installed apps which got updates will see into the Update tab. It is by default opened so no need to do anything.

Tap on the app which you want to update. You get front screen page of app. Here tap on Update button (If any app ask you to agree their terms before downloading then accept it). That’s it, your app will start to get new app version

5) Start update by tapping update icon

When there is new update comes to app then Tizen will show you little circle in front of app. Just tap on it & new version will start to load.

For last step you don’t have to go to My Apps section. You can do it right from the Tizen Store ranking section. Almost all apps in store gets updates on time to time. Some ACL for Tizen supported apps are lacking into it. Barely we gets updates for such tools. Still in the past we have seen updates for UC Browser and sharing tool SHAREit. Most frequent new versions comes to Facebook Inc apps and remaining gets once in a while.

Now you know how to update apps from Tizen Store. Follow these steps and always keep your apps up to date with latest software. In the store apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, My Jio, Here Maps and My Galaxy are the few who always gets new versions. Do you finding any difficulties in these steps? Let me know & I will help you.