How to download new Update on Fitbit Versa & Versa 2

It is necessary to get the latest software versions on your devices, either it is a smartphone, smartwatch or other gadgets. When you install the new software, then you can assure yourself to get better security and improved performance by your device. The new update can also bring new features to enhance its capabilities. The Fitbit makes sure to distributes the latest security patches to its smartwatches & fitness trackers by sending new pieces of codes every month. Like the last Fitbit 4.1 firmware had brought plenty of features & other improvements to the wearables.

In the previous update that released last week, the company seeded Pulse OX function on the Fitbit Versa series & Charge 3 wearables. It allows users to measure the blood oxygen level in your body and take action on it. It is crucial to receive the latest updates from time to time. For the users who don’t know how to update their Fitbit Versa & Versa 2 smartwatches then follow these steps to understand how to download new updates. We have defined it in easy steps for better understanding.

As per the Fitbit rules, you have to put All-day Sync on to get the latest version. To enable it go to Fitbit app – > tap on Fitbit logo – > Your profile picture -> Device image – > confirm All-day Sync. Now to update Fitbit Versa & Versa 2, do this.

Update Fitbit Versa 2

1. Keep your Versa or Versa 2 near & open Fitbit app

2. Now click on Fitbit logo

3. Here, you will see your profile picture. Tap on it

4. The device name will appear, open it

5. The pink button for the Update will appear. Tap it to update

Note that, like other devices, Fitbit never shows the Update button in the app. It will only appear when there is a new update for your smartwatch. So if you are not able to see the pink Update button then that means your watch hasn’t received the latest update though you can check the new version on the time basis. After the acquisition of Fitbit by Google, the smartwatches have only got one major upgrade at the beginning of the last month. We hope the company would release more firmware for all its wearables.