How to Update Galaxy Buds, Buds+ & Gear IconX

After the launch of new Samsung Galaxy Buds+, most of the customers are wanting to know how to update their new wireless earbuds. Well, that’s easy if you know the steps. To start with Galaxy Buds+ & Galaxy Buds are innovative and redesigned for the comfortable fitting around the ears. These buds have the advanced dual microphone technology that enables you to enjoy incredible sound quality irrespective of the surrounding noise.

It’s a lightweight material, and ergonomic design lets you carry them for every activity. Galaxy buds & Galaxy Buds+ provide the best option for seamless connectivity. The active battery life on these wireless earbuds allow you to stay immersed for up to 11 hours on a single charging.

The other old Gear IconX feature excellent design and functions to enjoy the enhanced connectivity. Its music player allows you to install your favorite playlist from your phone. You can also create a separate playlist for the gym. Gear IconX has user-friendly features and lets you enjoy the enhanced audio quality. Its ergonomic design lets you stay tuned and enjoy every activity hassle-free. Let us see how to update both of these devices with the latest version and ensure optimal performance.

Galaxy Buds Update

1. Update Galaxy Buds+ with Phone or Tablet

Ensure that both the earbuds are kept at charging case and they are open. From the connected phone open apps and launch the Galaxy Wearable app. When the latest software version is available, the Galaxy Wearable app will automatically notify you. Just touch Update and select Install Now option and follow the procedure. You can also manually check for the update.

To check updates manually in case of Galaxy Buds & Galaxy Buds+ select About earbuds option from the paired phone and select the update earbuds option and Download and install it. In the case of Gear IconX, go to the Settings, touch About Gear option, and select Update Gear Software option to download the latest version manually. While updating the software, earbuds will disconnect from the phone, and after the completion of the update, they automatically reconnect with the phone.

2. Update via Computer

You can also update the software from the computer. The process here is slightly different from the previous one. First of all, ensure that you have installed compatible software for earbuds on the PC. After that, make sure you have kept earbuds on charging cases.

For Galaxy Buds & Galaxy Buds+, you have to temporarily disconnect the Buds from the phone and connect them with PC. To join the buds with the computer, turn on Bluetooth from Settings. After that, launch the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Manager Software and select the Connect option from PC software.

You can connect the Gear IconX to PC with the USB cable and launch the Gear IconX Manager software. The PC software will notify you about the updates, and you have to select for updates and follow the procedure.

After the successful completion of the update installation, disconnect earbuds from the PC and connect them with your phone or tablet. These are two simple steps to follow to get new software update on your Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds+ or Gear IconX earbuds. Let us know if you have any questions regarding this article.