How To Use Alexa on Apple Watch

The robust technology of Apple watches empowers you to perform several functions from the wrist. A critical aspect of this is a voice assistant service, which lets you manage things smoothly. However, the Apple watch has limited access to only Siri and not for any other voice assistant service. That’s where Voice in a Can app enables you to access Amazon Alexa features. Though the Apple watch doesn’t have an official Alexa app, this third-party app allows you to interact with Alexa and gives you access to several elements. Voice in a Can app makes Apple watch compatible with having access with limited features of Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa.

It is a standalone Apple watch app that needs a WiFi signal or LTE connectivity on a compatible watch. It is a third party Alexa app, which means it doesn’t allow you to make phone calls, play music, or make echo announcements. Nevertheless, it supports the smart home feature, which enables you to manage things effectively from the wrist. Like you can trigger on lights or off and other Alexa enabled devices. Here we are giving you a description of how to set up this app & use on Apple watch Series 4, Series 3, and remaining.

Alexa Apple Watch

  • Download and Install

To enable Alexa features on your Apple watch, you have to install Voice in a Can app from App Stor; it costs you $1.99. As we know that this is a standalone app and after installing it you have to sync your Amazon Alexa account with the watch and tap the icon inside the app. This syncing gives you access with the voice assistant service, which enables you to things smartly. It is fully compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watches. The app starts working when connected to WiFi or with the LTE compatible watch model.

  • How to use Alexa

After installation and complete setup of the app, you can ask Alexa your queries regarding weather, news, and other updates. Though this app doesn’t give access to full features. It enables you to manage several things, that you can do with the official Alexa app on your Apple watch. You can control Alexa enabled devices through your wrist, like you can adjust your smart thermostat, turn your lights on and off. However, the app doesn’t give you access to make phone calls via the wrist and to listen to music. In short, we can say that though this app has not full-fledged features, it offers plenty of Alexa features at your wrist.

There is no predictability of the full-fledged Amazon Alexa app for the Apple watch shortly. Until and unless Amazon releases an official app for the Apple watch, this is the best alternative to have access to the Alexa enabled features.