How To Use Facebook Poke Feature On Facebook

They makes Facebook one of the active social media channel, because everyday millions of users uses it for different purposes. Facebook became main part of our life and every internet users uses it at least once a day and in some countries there are many people who check Facebook many times in a day. These days every Facebook users want to be active on it for their online presence, they want to share their feelings with their friends and family and business owners uses it to reach to their customers with the help of Facebook pages.

Now in this crowded network day by day it is becoming more difficult to reach to our beloved ones. The friends limit on Facebook is 5000 friends per account and this is very high, so it is become very difficult to reach to every friends, because in the crowd it is impossible to share our feelings or images to our all friends.

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If you are following any pages then those also make crowd on our wall and then your friend’s images or thoughts gets less priority. I know many users are facing these problems and want one solution so they can follow their lovely pages without losing their friend’s updates.

Now to overcome this main problem Facebook introduced one new feature in their update and that is Facebook Poke which is solution to your problem. You will get Facebook Poke feature on your account to attract someone towards you or just to get attention.


The Facebook Poke can work as one of the main feature in your online presence so your friends can get all your updates. If you use Poke feature then it will send one personal notification to your friends so they can notify you in the crowd. This matters because in the heavy rush of Facebook we miss many important messages of our loved ones.

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So here you must know how to use Facebook Pokein your daily use to reach to your nearer friends and family members. It is not hard process, to activate it you just need to follow some simple steps and after that you can use it, so follow these simple steps.

1. Open your friends profile.

2. Tap on More.

3. After that tap on Poke feature.

That’s it, these are the simple steps which you need to follow to activate it and after that your friend will get your notifications.

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Also if you don’t want to get Poke notification then you can also block users from the same setting and also if you want to check all your Pokes then you can check them too. So now don’t worry about huge Facebook crowd and use this feature to stay in touch with your friends and family. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your other friends.