How to Use Fitbit Premium to Achieve Health Goals

Along with the announcement of Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch, the company unveiled a paid service called Fitbit Premium. This premium service will provide customized healthcare support and allow users to have insight on several health aspects. After launching this subscription service will eventually offer personalized goals, challenges, coaching and guidance to achieve user’s health goals. Fitbit Premium is compatible with all Fitbit smartwatches and fitness trackers. It will roll out in the US, UK, and 15 other countries in September and costs $7.99 per month and $79.99 per year.

This is what Apple is trying to do with WatchOS 6 that will later installed on Apple Watches to track various fitness goals. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is also on its way to get some severe wellness features, so do Fossil & Garmin watches.

What is Fitbit Premium Service

Fitbit Premium will prepare your health report that you can share with a doctor to have advice. It is more than data collection and provides you goals and coaching to reach your health-related goals. To be specific, you can have a detailed insight into weight loss, sleep improvement, exercises and other wellness aspects with a personal set of goals for each activity.

After you switch to a program, you must give various questions related to health and fitness goals. The Premium service monitors your performance as well as motivates you to achieve your healthcare goals and become more active and healthy.

Fitbit Premium Services

Last year Fitbit revealed the Fitbit Coach with Versa smartwatch, which is also a premium service aimed at improving access with the coach. Fitbit Premium involves more facilities and offers an excellent app with comprehensive fitness features. It enhances your access to wellness and lets you have a thorough understanding of every supported health aspect.

In the beta version of Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch, the company offered a Sleep Score feature which will roll out with the watch. This feature counts your overall score from 0-100 based on some indicators like time spent in light or deep or REM sleep and the quality of sleep.

The company is planning to change the work of data in premium service, which gives access to premium subscribers to certain features. Unlike ordinary users, premium subscribers can see the breakdown of the sleep stages score and graph of heart rate performance during sleep time.

Fitbit will roll out an one to one talking service with the coach in 2020, this an attempt to offer you comprehensive guidance to be more active and goal-oriented. It aimed to become the digital health services provider and worked with physicians to create a wellness report generated with charts and graphs with the help of service.

Users can print out the report and present it to the doctor and have a detailed analysis of their performance and further improvements. The data collected enable users to have a more productive interaction with the doctor.

We know that subscription to paid services eventually contextualizes some features and lets you have deep insights and micro details. The Fitbit Premium service does not include health coaching and it will make available in 2020. A thorough analysis of health-related data will help the customers to manage and prevent disease conditions like hypertension and sleep apnea.

Well, the users of the Fitbit smartwatch can switch to the premium service to get more detailed insights into various health aspects. It will reveal in September 2019 with the Versa 2 smartwatch.