How To Use My Money Transfer App On Samsung Z2

Samsung Z2 is feature packed smartphone from Samsung. They had released it last month in India followed by South Africa. In Z2 there are many such features we had seen first time on Tizen platform or we can say on Samsung Z2 smartphone. These features we won’t see in other Tizen devices Z1 & Z3. In those features one feature is most important for users, that is newly introduced My Money Transfer app. This app is exclusive for Z2 and still missing on other handsets. The My Money Transfer is banking app where you can make transactions between other users.

It is most secure and fastest way to transfer your money in other account. At this time not all Indian banks are supporting it, good news is I haven’t seen any trouble using with supported banks.

If you one of those users who bought new Samsung Z2 smartphone and want to take advantage of this new My Money Transfer service then follow some steps to successfully use it. The app comes pre-installed on device so you don’t have to download it. It is still unclear that is it made by Samsung or any other third party developers? Whoever is the developer, it doesn’t matter, to use it follow some steps below and then you will successfully add your account in it.

My Money Transfer

1. Open My Money Transfer app and Agree their terms & conditions.

2. After that click on Start button.

3. Now tap on Next button.

4. Now enter your phone number. Make sure your registered phone number is in the device.

5. On next screen fill your bank detail. Select your bank account number. Make sure you fill up accurate bank account number to avoid any loss. Then enter IFSC code of your bank and your bank user ID.

Thats it, after that you will successfully login to your My Money Transfer page.

Note: before registering to My Money Transfer app, first generate phone banking M-PIN and user ID, if you did it already then you can get access to phone banking. Also to get IFSC code you can contact your bank or look at on your checkbook.

The customers of ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank can use official apps on their smartphones. Both are finely works on new Samsung Z4 as well as previous models. SBI Bank and BHIM users have to wait some more days to get official apps.

After successful registration you can send money anywhere, anytime without internet connection. It works 24/7 including holidays, that is good for business person who want to transfer funds in emergency. Note that to send money in offline mode will cost you some money as per your telecom operator charges.