How to Use Spotify on Apple Watch Series 3 & Series 4

As the official Spotify app for the Apple Watch is now available from last few months, it is boon for the users. It is already available for Samsung smartwatches and Android Wear OS watches with the all original features of the smartphone version. Unlike the earlier situation, subscribers now have proper enough control over their playback and music. Though this app dropped some important features such as offline playback and streaming over cellular connection, it gives the complete experience at your wrist. Spotify app ensure your access with vast collection of music through your wrist. Here we will see how to install and complete setup for the app to work. This is been termed as the first version of the app, we may expect advanced features in the upcoming version.

Install Spotify App

Way and method for installation of the app is similar for both the free as well as premium Spotify subscribers. Provided that you should have the Spotify app on your iPhone and signed in. Ensure that you are using the compatible version of iPhone and Apple Watch running on iOS 10 or above and WatchOS 4 or later respectively.

Spotify on Apple Watch

Follow these steps to use Spotify on your watch:

1. Go to the Apple Watch on your iPhone.

2. Search for the Spotify in App Store.

3. Install the app and open it on your Apple Watch.

After the successful installation of the app you can add music through the app itself. The app let you pause, skip forward and back the music playing from the watch. Now you can add your favourite music to the library directly from the screen of Apple Watch. To do that you can tap the heart symbol and track will be added to music library. It means even while offline you may get access with the recently played music list easily. You can swipe left and scroll down with the finger or Digital Crown to access the list.

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Spotify app let you ping your music to other compatible devices such as Amazon Echo etc. through Spotify Connect option. With all these features Spotify app on your Apple Watch is the best alternate way to listen your favourite music.