How To Use Two WhatsApp Accounts On Samsung Z2

Samsung Z2 launched with some major features along with Tizen 2.4 update, most advanced Tizen OS version of that time. It opened many ways to play with our phone. In my previous article I covered top features of Tizen 2.4 with the details. There I mentioned one new feature called Dual Profile Apps, borrowed from other platforms. This little function looks small but it work strongly on your side. It will give you chance to use two WhatsApp accounts on Samsung Z2 smartphone. It is the common feature on many Chinese Android phones.

The main reason behind this feature is most customers now a days uses dual SIM phones so they have to use only one number at a time for WhatsApp. This new feature will solve all the problems so users can access both accounts from one smartphone. After the launch of WhatsApp Business app it is necessary to use different phone numbers – one for personal use & other for business use. WhatsApp Business app is not present in Tizen Store, till then you can use both accounts for personal use.

This Dual Profile Apps feature will solve that problem. Now you can use both numbers to run WhatsApp account on one phone. Previously, users have to log out from current account or have to change their mobile number to use WhatsApp.

Run Two WhatsApp

Now without doing anything else you can use both accounts. To run 2 WhatsApp accounts on Samsung Z2 follow some simple steps. There are 5 simple steps to create 2 WhatsApp accounts on single phone.

1. Go to Settings – > Apps on Samsung Z2

2. Then after tap on Dual Profile Apps feature.

3. Here you will see all supported dual profile apps. Right now only WhatsApp supports this feature. Tap on Create button.

4. Now open WhatsApp Messenger app and select profile.

5. You will see two WhatsApp icons for both SIM cards. Now create accounts with your both numbers for each profile.

You can create and manage two separate accounts on single phone without loosing anything on other account. You can also delete one account of your want and that will not affect your other profile. So now go and enjoy both WhatsApp Accounts on Samsung Z2. This feature is also working on new Samsung Z4 smartphone. Just follow these above steps on the Samsung Z4 and use two WhatsApp accounts on the smartphone.