How To Use WhatsApp On Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 is the top-selling smartwatch from Apple and a successful predecessor of Apple Watch Series 4. It is the best smartwatch in the market with its rich environment for apps, games and lots of watch faces. The best features from Apple and supports of third-party developers make it useful in many ways. The fitness apps, music streaming apps, news and weather apps are common to this watch.

Still many users ask how to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch Series 3. The sad part is the popular WhatsApp Messenger app is missing on the Apple Watch Series 3. Due to some limitations, developers have rejected WhatsApp to release on this watch.

There is no fixed date to when WhatsApp will launch on Apple watches, but until then there is another way to use it. By following some steps, you can receive notifications on your smartwatch and also you can reply to the messages from the watch. You can too forward or delete received messages from the watch. Here are the few simple steps to use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch Series 3.

WhatsApp on Apple Watch Series 3

How to use WhatsApp on Apple Watch Series 3

1. First, make sure you have WhatsApp on your iPhone. If not then download it from iOS App Store & log in to it.

2. Now on your iPhone go to Settings -> Notifications -> WhatsApp Messenger.

3. After that, turn on Allow Notifications & show in Notification Center option.

4. Now open the Watch app on your smartphone. Here go to Notification in Settings.

5. Here you will see WhatsApp option to get notifications & activate Notification button.

6. After this, you will receive all the WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch.

When you get a new WhatsApp message, then it will appear on the main screen. You can reply, forward or delete it. The watch will not support all kinds of messages, but you can reply to them. If you want to make some changes to the app notifications on the watch, then go to Settings and change them from the Notifications tab. Follow these steps and use WhatsApp on your Apple Watch Series 3. You can ask any questions regarding this article in the comments box below.

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