How to Use Zoom Video Calling App for Group Chat

After the Coronavirus outbreak, many employees and other workers turned to work from home. The closed companies, offices, stores, and many other outlets send their workers home in a case to be safe. Many employees are now doing their business work on their laptops, which is a good thing. It is necessary to stay at home, but in this situation, you also focus on your work. Sometimes your boss may give you a task, and you must complete it in the given time. For an easy understanding, you may have to make a call or video call.

In the market, many apps offer video calling & group calling in HD quality. Recently, Google Duo has allowed 12 people at once to make a group call. WhatsApp & Skype is also in the race to give the best quality features to the users. Now, after the Coronavirus lockdown in most countries, the Zoom cloud meeting app has emerged as the best app in the Android Play Store & iOS App Store. It is easy to use, high definition video allows 100 peoples at once & to schedule group chatting & many functions.

The Zoom app is free on smartphones, so I recommend you to use it. If you are the first time users & don’t know how to use the Zoom app, then follow these steps.

Use Zoom Video Calling app on Android & Apple

Zoom Video Calling App

1. Download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app

To download the Zoom app go to the Android Play Store or iOS App Store. The app is available for free to download. After that, sign up to the app and log in to it. To save your time click on these links – Android & Apple

2. How to host a new meeting on your smartphone

It offers paid as well as a free subscription. In both versions, you can invite up to 100 members, including the host. In a free account, you can continue your meetings for 40 minutes, and later the call will discontinue. In a paid account, you can run the sessions without any worries.

3. Start a New Meeting

Tap on the New Meeting option to start the conference with your friends, colleagues, or employees. You can get the HD view, and also, you can share documents with the group and all the things you can do with the desktop version of the app.

4. Join a Meeting

Like arranging new meetings, you can also join other meetings. To do that, the host will share your invite link. You have to click on that link to start the conversation.

5. Schedule a Meeting

It is also possible to schedule a time to arrange the meeting for the next date. The host will send you a link with a scheduled time & on the meeting time, you can click on a URL link, which will redirect you to the official app.

In the coronavirus lockdown time, Zoom has become an essential app for many companies to gather their workers and discuss company projects. The Zoom video calling app has reviewed as the best video calling app in the Play Store & App Store. Use the app and tell us your own experience with it.