How To Watch Live Cricket Match On Tizen Smartphones

This is IPL season in India and many cricket fans out there to cheer up to their favorite teams. Cricket is very popular sport in India and also in Sri Lanka, South Africa and Bangladesh. All these combined countries has billions of cricket fans to support their teams. At the moment IPL Cricket matches are currently going on in India, where the most of the players are from South Africa, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Now all the fans want to watch these IPL matches on their devices. The days has now gone when we just had option to see current score over internet.

Tizen Store has many options by which you can watch live cricket on your Tizen smartphones. With the help of some apps you will be able to watch those all matches which are currently playing. You just have to be on good internet connection so you could enjoy whole match without buffering. If it is possible use Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection for better internet speed. Now here is the list of some apps which let you watch live cricket matches on your Tizen smartphones.

Live Cricket on Tizen

1. Hotstar

This is the best option to watch live cricket. Hotstar app is launched last year and it gives you chance to watch matches without any cost. You can watch any match for free with the excellent video quality. You can choose video quality as per your internet speed and your remaining data. If you are on 4G connection then you can enjoy match in HD quality. The app is available in Tizen Store for all the smartphones.

2. Jio TV

It is very famous app from Reliance Jio to their subscribers. For Limited time Jio has offering all Jio TV channels for free. You can watch channels for free for the periods of time. If you have Samsung Z2 or Samsung Z4 smartphone then Jio TV is perfect option for you. It works in extreme condition or low internet connectivity. If you are on Jio 4G then it is better option to watch matches. Note that it is for only Reliance Jio subscribers on Samsung Z2 or Samsung Z4 smartphone. Jio TV will not work on other Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1 smartphones.

3. NexGTv

The NexGTv app also provide you different TV channels to watch live sport matches. If you are on good internet connection then it could be better app to watch all those matches. NexGTv provides some channels for free and for some channels you have to pay them subscription charges. You can set video quality of the channel as per your need. On the NexGTv not all the time you will get what you want but still it is better option. NexGTv app is only available on Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1 smartphones, only one the users carrying these phones can use it.

Beside it if you don’t have time to watch live Cricket matches then you can check live scores on ESPN Crickinfo & Cricbuzz apps. Both apps will provide you live cricket scores ball to ball. These apps also provides you cricket schedule, previous matches results, player performances and many interesting facts about cricket world.

At this moment only these three apps are capable to provide you live TV channels on your Tizen smartphones. All the apps comes with quality standard and also some for free of cost. All apps available on Samsung Z1,, Samsung Z3, Samsung Z2 and Samsung Z4 Smartphones, except NexGTv. Hope in the future Tizen has more options to choose from. Until then you can watch Live Cricket matches on these apps. Don’t forget to share this news to your other friends on Facebook.