Huami & McLaren Partnered On Wearables For E-Sports

Huami designs and manufacture self-branded wearable products and with over 45 million units shipped, Huami has established leadership in Global Market share. This company is working on a mission called To Make The World More Connected. McLaren is also one of those companies of wearable technologies that not only connect wearables to personal data in real time, but it can use complex analytics to make suggestions for lifestyle improvements and to predict future conditions related to health and lifestyle. McLaren has a protective approach about everybody’s Health and Lifestyle.

As per the information the latest news is Huami announced that McLaren Technologies and Huami are becoming partners to develop smart wearables for e-sports. This collaboration will find out, AI technologies and body sensors can be used to sharpen performance in virtual auto racing. These wearable products will work with the help of mobile applications to give users an accurate view of their biometric data and activity data during competitive e-sports. Basically, E-sports is also known as electronic sports which is a part of competition using video games. E-sports increased popularity and participation by professional gamers in 2000’s.

Huami & McLaren

In some upcoming years, the global market is expecting a serious growth from e-sports. As per the previous reports from media, estimated revenue of 2018 is $905 million and this year it will expected to increase to $1.1 billion and $1.5 billion in 2020. This partnership will see both companies will develop co-branded and create infinite user experience and Huami become an official wearable partner for the developing e-sports programme the McLaren Shadow Project.

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This announcement is confirmed that Huami is teaming up with McLaren Applied Technologies to develop smart wearables for e-sports. We have to see how for both companies will go by tying-up with each other. This is the tie-up between best sports car maker & best wearable maker companies so we expect better output in near future.

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