Huami Targets Apple with Upcoming High Pixel Density Smartwatch

Recently Huami launched a special Amazfit GTR edition smartwatch lineup with OLED screens. Now the company is ready to introduce another one model which further consolidates its smartwatch lineup and expands the market. According to Huami VP, the upcoming model features higher pixel density to compete with Apple Watch also it offers the same color schemes. Apple Watch Series 4 & series 3 screen counts 326 ppi density and Huami is launching the next smartwatch with 341 ppi density to make it even better display.

After the beta user of this watch leaked it on social media in China it leads to speculations. Considering its Apple Watch like design, it was speculated that it is the upcoming Apple Watch 5.

Better Display than other smartwatches

However, Huami VP shared official render about the watch and stops speculations. As the upcoming Huami model incorporates 341 ppi display which is superior to Apple’s 326 ppi screen, it managed to beat Apple in this aspect.

Huami Smartwatch

The statement from the company’s VP ends the speculations but didn’t reveal any detailed information about the model. From the design of the watch, we can guess that it should belong to the Amazfit lineup, though not confirmed yet.

As the watch is just leaked as a beta version, there is still no information about its name. Primary pictures just reveal its design which is pretty similar to the design of Apple Watches and indicates the Huami’s intention to compete against Apple.

At the present moment, the official render reveals the watch in a special gold finish and embedded in a pink strap. This design and color scheme is analogous to Apple Watch Series 4. According to the company’s VP, we have to wait until 20th August, to get the details about the model.

Source (Chinese)