Huawei & ZTE Ban will Continue in the US

Today, the Federal Communications Commission has officially confirmed Huawei & ZTE companies are a threat to the US. Last year, both companies were caught in suspicious ways to share personal data with the Chinese government. The FCC officially declares both companies have banned to protect the national security. According to commissioner Brendan Carr, both companies are working with ‘Communist China’ and engage in large scale industrial espionage, which is a serious matter for the nation.

The decision was on hold since the last year when the US government declares to ban Huawei & ZTE. After the ban last year, most of the US companies removed or terminated support from both ventures. Huawei phones have lost the support for Play Store and other Google apps & services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. The other US company Facebook also has removed all the four Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram & Messenger apps from the Huawei smartphones. Apart from these apps, many other companies have turned the page to the Huawei & ZTE by terminating all the previous deals.

Huawei & ZTE US Ban

Further, FCC official says, none of the US companies has permission to work with these two Chinese brands. It mentions (via GSMArena), “The decision from FCC means that companies cannot use subsidies from FCC’s Universal Service Fund to “purchase, obtain, maintain, improve, modify, or otherwise support any equipment or services provided by Huawei and ZTE”. This week, India has banned TikTok, UC Browser & 57 other apps in the country, and now the US has banned two more Chinese companies.