In New Update Remote Camera Control Come to Oppo Watch

Oppo Watch is now receiving the second important update of this year. The latest update brings the camera controller feature to the Oppo Watch, and some new watch faces have been added to it. It is quite strange, Oppo didn’t bring a remote camera control or camera controller function to the smartwatch. Most of the smartwatches and many fitness trackers are launching with this essential function. Both the 41mm & 46mm versions are receiving this new firmware all across the world.

The users will see some fresh watch faces with new design, color & needy complications in the library. Some users say they have seen a total of 3 watch faces, but some see more than that. You can check it yourself by visiting the Watch Faces library in the pairing app. The new app icon for remote camera control has been added to the app list. You can use it to manage the phone camera from the watch and to take group selfies. In the future app version, the app will get more features like focus, timer, and switch camera.

Oppo Watch Camera Update

The latest software has been seeded with a January security patch to take care of old bugs. It will help to improve speed and enhance battery performance. The update is available in India, China, the US & many European countries. For the adoption of the new firmware, check whether you have any unchecked updates in the app.