In New Update WhatsApp Shares User Information With Facebook

Today if you opened your WhatsApp app then on the first screen you may have seen new privacy policy agreement from biggest social sharing app. The new privacy policy is for the new changes made in their user agreement where they can now share user information with their parent company Facebook, this agreement is to target users better ads. If you hadn’t got new privacy policy update yet then in the next app update you will get this message. In 2014 Facebook bought WhatsApp and since then it is working under their parents company. Now Facebook decided to share users private information with the Facebook. 

When user agree this new agreement then WhatsApp is eligible to share user’s phone number with Facebook, they said it is better for users that company will serve them target ads.

WhatsApp Update

Facebook said it is for their own purpose and they will not share it with other banners or third party ad networks. Experts says it is not good move by Facebook or WhatsApp that they don’t have to take risk on user’s personal data or personal numbers, user need to be free from such agreement so they can protect their privacy.

According to some users you can skip this agreement from the same screen, if still you didn’t agree this then you can uncheck it by clicking on Read More option right below Agree button. If you agreed it already then also you can uncheck it later after one month. To uncheck it you have to go into the setting and uncheck the box and after that WhatsApp will not share your personal number with their Facebook services.

Facebook also says that it is better for user’s privacy in some ways, it is better for bank companies to alert customers about fraud transactions from registered numbers and also traveling apps can send notifications to users about their delayed or canceled flights. What do you think readers is it good move by WhatsApp or they have to find another way to serve their ads to customers? Fill free to share your thoughts in comments below.

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