Instagram On Samsung Galaxy Watch & Gear S3

Instagram is one of the the popular social media apps across the world. Millions of people around the globe use it as a platform to share there moments, photos and videos with friends and family. The app is very popular on Android & Apple smartphones, with over millions of active users daily. Almost everyone using Instagram is familiar with it’s use on smartphone, but here we are going to discuss how this app can be operated through smart wearables, specifically for Samsung Galaxy Watch & Gear S3 smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch & Gear S3 are one of the premium smartwatches available in the market with pretty much features. Both runs on latest Tizen 4.0 OS as well as hosts many unprecedented features, users of Galaxy Watch & Gear S3 can have access to their Instagram through their wrist. Like WhatsApp & Facebook, Instagram also not available on Samsung smartwatches, but there is a way to use it on your wrist. You have to follow some simple steps to stay connected with your friends directly through your smartwatch. Here is the way to use Instagram on your Galaxy Watch & Gear S3.

Instagram On Galaxy Watch

1. Firstly ensure that your smartwatch is paired with your smartphone.

2. Now go to the settings and select manage notification option on your device.

3. Here activate the notification of Instagram.

4. Next, connect your Instagram account with your Galaxy Watch or Gear S3.

5. Now you have successfully activated Instagram on your watch.

6. To see notifications and posts from your friends, swipe to the left.

This is the simple way to stay connected with your friends and family directly through your wrist, without practically using smartphone. Here it should be noted that you cannot install the app on your smartwatch as it is not available in Galaxy App Store. You can just see posts and notifications from your friends or following persons and respond them instantly from your wrist.

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