iOS 14 Comes with widgets, Home Screen & Many More

Apple revealed iOS 14, the latest OS version for iPhones which brings plenty of new features and advanced functions. Some of the new iOS features look familiar with Android users. The iteration of iOS allows users to add widgets to their home screens. Apple redesigned widgets and make it more beautiful and data-rich, which can provide more useful information to users. There are different variety of Widgets that includes calendar, reminder, Siri suggestion, shortcuts, and podcasts, etc. Also, they are available in small, medium, and large size options.

Like Google’s App drawer, Apple is introducing its own iteration named as App Library on the right side of your rightmost screen. That includes the list of apps and automatically organizes them based on categories like entertainment and social etc. To enhance your access the App Library comes with a folder of recently used apps and suggested apps. A search bar located at the top of the App Library allows you to search the intended app. Further, now you can even hide the home screen pages and easily get the desired app from the App library.

iOS 14 Comes with widgets, home screen & many more

iOS 14 Features

With the iOS 14, now the iPhone users are finally set to get a picture-in-picture mode. This feature is more like Android and allows iPhone users to play video and FaceTime calls over any app you are using and easily remove it when you don’t need it. Apple has upgraded Siri with a whole new compact design. When you start a request it appears at the bottom of the screen and giving you information at the top. Further, it gets more upgrades on the aspect of translation and comes with a live conversation support function. Siri will come with extended translation support and covers more than 65 different languages.

The next iOS version upgrades the Message app too and adds the option to pin your favorite conversation to get it on the top of the conversation list. Further, you have the option for inline replies and upgraded memojis. Apple Maps also get an update with the iOS 14 and brings it to the Google Maps standard. Now it has the cycling directions feature, for limited cities like New York, LA, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing. Apple is looking forward to extending this new Mapping feature to the rest of the are in the upcoming time. Car Keys function will enable the users to start the car by placing an iPhone on the wireless charger inside the car. Also, it enables you to unlock the car with NFC.

The most remarkable update is in the App Store as it gets the App Clips which familiar concept with the Android. App Clips provides an innovative way to discover apps. Now the users can slice out the parts of a specific app and get key features of the app without installing the whole app. Further, iOS brings several new cool features like password monitoring, enhanced translation support, updated privacy settings, improved search option, and the upgraded home screen with suggested automation. Probably, the latest iOS 14 will be available for iPhone 6S and later versions.