iPad Pro 2021 Models may Adopt OLED Screens

Apple is coming up with its next flagship iPad for 2021 with its iPad Pro that might be having OLED screens instead of its regular LCD screen. Though we believe that the next-gen iPad will be having mini-LED displays and only its pro version will be getting the upgraded screen. The first half of the year will be strictly dedicated to the next generation iPad, and then the second half will be ruled by the Pro variant.

The reason behind the launching gap is what we believe is that the Pro version will also be getting mini LED backlighting along with the upgraded display. This might take time to come together as the longer use of tablets than phones with OLED panels could result in burn-in or loss of brightness over time. Keeping these in mind, the company has given the task of developing a better and new OLED screen to Samsung Display and LG Display for the tablets.

iPad Pro OLED Screens

We have also read that Samsung Display has upped its production and has already started adding a distribution chamber to the origin material deposition chamber. This will allow the maker to deposit one layer of RGB and then send it back for adding an emitting layer on top of it. The new structure has expected to be having more than 2 emitting layers for increasing the lifecycle of the display panel.

We expect the device to launch in the second half of the year considering all these factors that the company will be facing. The change in the display will surely result in higher brightness as well as reducing the chances of burn-in issues. This all will depend on the scale of adoption by the company’s production line.