iPhone 12 Users Facing Connectivity & Call Drop Issues

The latest iPhone users are facing connectivity issues. Its been only a few months since Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 12 series was launched and the users are already facing issues with the connectivity. The signal drops immediately when you are moving and the phone needs to reboot to fix the network issue. This could be when one area coverage of the network ends, and another starts resulting in network loss. Users are switching between airplane modes and restarting their devices completely to fix this issue.

Many iPhone 12 series users have taken it to social media and Apple support community forum to raise their issues. They are saying that while driving the network suddenly drops or for some users, it even drops without traveling by just using the phone for 20 minutes at a stretch. The company hasn’t officially made any statement against it, or acknowledge the bug the users are facing.

iPhone 12 Pro Max issues

People have even claimed that the network would disconnect 15 times a day for some users. Not all users are facing this issue hence it’s unclear whether it’s a bug in the phone or it’s a network issue. All of the iPhones in the series from the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max are facing this issue. It is occurring for both 4G LTE and 5G networks and toggling between both isn’t fixing the problem either.

One of the users claimed that he recently purchased the smartphone and activated it, but the next day started facing a signal drop to 3G. Further, he added, no bar after that the phone would display “Your iPhone is not Activated.” There were also a few complaints with the display on some units was glowing green and gray, but the company has asked the technicians to not service it rather ask the user to update their device. We believe that soon a software update will be coming to fix these issues.