Jio Express News App Gets New Update

The Jio Express News app on Tizen has got new update, brings some new features and stability to original app. Jio Express News is the 4th Jio app from Reliance Jio telecom operators on Tizen smartphones. It is news reading app and under the promotional offer it offers you free content from leading sources. The three other apps My Jio, Jio Music and Jio Cinema have been enjoying new updates since last two months. My Jio got its first update in November and later in January. The Jio Cinema and Jio Music apps get new features in their latest updates back in February.

Now finally after 10 months from original release date Jio Express News is getting some new features. The update mainly target to security of this app. It is now more secure and it will take care of your privacy. The subscription on the app is not necessary if you are using Jio SIM into your phone.

Jio Express News Update

It is good app to read useful and breaking news from all across the world. You can follow any kinds of news papers and some magazines from top sources. It also provides news into your native language. It almost supports all Indian regional languages, like Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi and many more. You can select your favorite category from the various sections. Read only business news or technology news if you want or why not just read political news if you are highly interested in there.

The Jio News Express app is available on Samsung Z2 and newly launched Samsung Z4 Smartphone. It won’t support on other Tizen smartphones. To update it go to Tizen Store and tap on My Apps section and here tap on app to get latest version. To use this app you must have on Reliance Jio operator otherwise it won’t work.

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