Jio TV, Jio 4G, Jio Cloud, Jio Security Apps Not Available On Samsung Z2

The first 4G handset for Tizen, the Samsung Z2 is good option to access faster Internet network. Many basic users choose it to use 4G internet data on their smartphones. At the same time in India Reliance Jio, the new telecom operator in country announces free 4G internet data and free voice calls for everyone. The offers valid till 31st December and everyone wants to grab this offer. The Samsung Z2 can also get this offer by buying new Jio SIM from Reliance digital stores for absolutely free.

Samsung Z2 is one of the first handset to get welcome offer from Reliance Jio. In the promotion offer Jio gives free access to their all services till welcome offer ends. Tizen users can also use these free services on their Samsung Z2, but the problem is there are not much Jio apps available in Tizen Store.

The main My Jio app is the first app from telecom operator which you have to download on your device. After that you can download Jio Music, Jio Cinema and Express News apps on Samsung Z2. The Music app will give you free access to listen millions of songs. In Jio Cinema you can watch thousands of movies from across the world. The Express News will brings you all top news papers on your device. Till now only these 4 apps available in Store.

Jio Apps Tizen

In our email or contact page many Tizen users are asking for remaining Jio apps on Tizen, and when they will release in store. It looks like it won’t happen any time soon, that there is no news on these apps from official app developers. Even the live TV & Reality show app Hotstar is launched in Tizen Store. Jio TV Live app is for watching Live TV on your mobile. It has more than 200 Indian and abroad TV channels. The second Jio 4G Voice app is to call via Internet to your friends and family.

The Jio Cloud app is useful to store your all personal data into online cloud storage. The last Jio Security app will give full security to your mobile and your personal data. These apps are free of cost to use their services under the welcome offer till the end of this year. We hope in the next few weeks they will launch these all Jio apps on Tizen smartphones.