Lens App Brings Instagram on Apple Watch

Last year official Instagram app had been removed from Apple Watch and since then users were waiting for return of the app. Still, there is no sign of that but instead of that third-party developer has created feature packed app to use Instagram on the Watch. Newly launched Lens is the modern app that enable you to use Instagram on Apple Watch. Though official Instagram app is not available for the Apple Watch, the user no longer have to worry about it. This unofficial client fixes the problem of Instagram’s unavailability on Apple watch and introduces you with several impressive features so you can share your moment with the friends.

Lens is packed with the original app features that let you manage all the things you want to do from Instagram. Now you can manage to post photos and videos from your watch as well as view live streaming and every other feature. If you are Apple watch owner and you come to know that Instagram doesn’t support your watch, then switch to this latest app.

Lens app on Apple Watch

You can post photos, videos, share your moments with friends and reply for their messages directly from the watch. You can also search for the users, view their posts, like them and comment on their posts. However, you can enjoy all these features even with login on your iPhone. Once you login on your phone after that you can manage to experience all these impressive features without practically using iPhone. we know that WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram are not the part of Apple Watches so this is the best option to use them.

Switch to this client app and explore all activities of your friends and share your stories to them with just a tap. Excellent features of this innovative app coupled with the massive screen of Apple Watch Series 4 may take things to advanced level. Navigation of the app has been divided into seven sections namely, Home, Stories, Activity, Explore, Messages, Profile and Search. This makes it very user-friendly app as you can scroll to any section with the help of Digital Crown and stay updated. Ensure that your Apple Watch has WiFi or cellular connectivity to get notifications on your wrist. The app is available in iTunes Store for free and for development purposes you can pay $1.99 if you like. This app is newly added so there is no ratings to share, use the app and share your own reviews with us.

Thanks Steven for the tip.