Let’s Golf 3 Is New Game From Gameloft For Tizen

In the Tizen Store we saw many apps and games from the top developers across the world. In those developers one developer has always introduced their top creation on Tizen, that developer is Gameloft, which also known as for their high quality graphics games on many mobile platforms. If anyone ask which game is most high quality and high graphics game on Tizen then everybody will give Asphalt 8:Airborne as answer, the ultimate creativity from Gameloft. It has been almost two years since company launched their Asphalt 8: Airborne game on Android and iOS platform but still it makes millions of fans every months.

Now the same developer launched their new game for Tizen Phones. That creation is Let’s Golf 3 title which landed in Sports category. Gameloft’s all big games had come in free category but this one is in paid category. To buy it user has to pay Indian rupees 50 means almost $0.80. The gamer which is the fan of Golf sport they can enjoy it, why only them, any other gamer can also play it.

Gameloft always cares about their all gaming fans. They launched their exclusive games for every mobile platforms. The Tizen OS is not different for them, since the initial days they have been releasing their exclusive games for this new OS. Samsung Z2, the new device in Tizen series can also download this game from Tizen Store for the given price.


The game has every instructions for newbie gamers so they could understand game better. You can choose your own outfits and make your character as you like. It is made by top developer so no need to worry about its graphics and gameplay.

Let’s Golf 3 will give you chance to compete with world’s biggest players. There are also option to play with your own friends or other competitors from social media. If you are fan of real sport game then Let’s Golf 3 will give you all that joy. As we said earlier it is not free game, you must pay Rs. 50 for this game. The game is now available in Tizen Store and works perfectly on both Samsung Z3 & Z1 device.