Line Messenger For Samsung Z2 Available In India

After the successful launch of Line Messenger App on Samsung Z2 for Indonesian users now developers launched it for Indian users. Indian users can now download Line Messenger app on Samsung Z2 smartphone. Previously, the app was exclusively launched on Samsung Z2 device for only Indonesian customers. Line Messenger is popular messenger service in the world, it has more than 30 millions users worldwide. It mostly famous in Japan, where it has more than 30% active users. After Japan other Asian countries like India and Indonesia has most active users.

Now with the release of Line in India more users can use it. Last month Samsung released Z2 in Indonesia to make it 5th country to get first Tizen smartphone. For the promotion of Z2 in country they exclusively released Line on this device.

Line is feature rich messenger service and it uses world class security encryption code to protect your messages. Like WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger your every messages sent through encrypted technology to make them private.

Line on Samsung Z2

It has two options to login to their services. First option is you can sign up to their services using your email address and password. In the second option you can use your phone number to sign up. When you sign up through your email address then you can use it on your every devices without any confirmation code. But if you sign up through phone number then it will be dependent on only that device, and if you want to change your device then again you have to login with your phone number, same as WhatsApp Messenger. Both sign up ways has their own benefits and you can choose any one of them.

You can share simple texts, pictures, audio, video and other files with your friends or family members. Chat them personally or create groups to chat multiple friends at a time. To make your messages better and more meaningful use various types of emoji. The Line Messenger app is now ready to download in Tizen Store. It only available for Indian users and only for Samsung Z2 smartphone. The other Tizen users in India and from other countries which uses Samsung Z2 or other Tizen smartphones must wait for few more weeks to get it.