List of Best Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 & Gear Sport Apps

Samsung Galaxy Watch is new Tizen smartwatch in the market with lots of features. It is the 4th Samsung Smartwatch in the Gear line up although they have changed its name to Galaxy Watch. The other two Samsung Gear S3 & Gear Sport both are successful predecessor wearables of the new watch & still present in the market. All the Samsung wearables supports hundreds of apps in the various categories and the number is growing rapidly. Samsung has created best environment for App developers with its new Tizen 4.0 operating system.

The premium apps like Samsung Health, Samsung Pay, BMW Connected, UA Record, Speedometer and many other available in the store. It shows Samsung’s smartwatch market is booming compare to Apple Watches, Android Wear watches and Huawei watches. In this article I will give you list of 10 best apps for the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 frontier, Gear S3 Classic and Gear Sport watches. This is the combined list of top 10 apps from Health & Fitness, Music Streaming, Navigation, Watch faces, News Reading and many other important categories.

1. Strava

Samsung Gear Apps

The Strava is best fitness app for all kind of workout users. The Gear S3 & Gear Sport both targets heavily on fitness apps and this new app is best to use in workout sessions. The app has launched last month and proved itself as a best companion for many users. It has many fitness & health tips and you can target your goals in weekly or monthly basis.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard, the world’s most popular news reading app is available in Samsung Galaxy Store for smartwatches. It is pre-installed on all Samsung devices including smartphones. Read any kind of news from the trusted sources and world’s largest websites & blogs. Choose your favorite category and read all the sorted news on the smartwatch. It is best supported on all smartwatches and takes benefits of rounded screen.

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3. Facer

The Facer is useful to get wide varieties of watch faces on your wearable. It has hundreds of themes for every category and some of them are free of cost. Choose best watch face which suites on your Samsung watch or change it as per your mood. Download the Facer app from Samsung Galaxy Store for Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 & Gear Sport. The app even supports on Galaxy S2 smartwatch.

4. Samsung Internet

You may find it crazy but sometimes you have to browse internet from your smartwatch. The Samsung Internet is best app to browse internet in the emergency. You may find difficulties to view websites on the tiny screen but you can use when you are apart from your smartphone or tablet. The Samsung Internet supports all basic features that you need to browse the net.

5. Uber

Samsung Gear Apps

It is taxi service app and you can use it anywhere when you need to call taxi. Uber app is officially launched on Samsung Gear S2 back in 2016 and since then it has updated time to time. You can call pickup and use all supported cars with fair price. Track the car live with the help of inbuilt map and also count the incoming time. In major cites you can use Uber taxi from your wrist watch.

6. Spotify

Listen English and other songs on the music streaming app Spotify which now available on Samsung smartwatches. With the launch of new Galaxy Watch Samsung has pre-installed Spotify on its watches and now it is by default music streaming app. Still you can change the app as per your need or continue with it. It has huge library of songs in different genres and you can purchase monthly subscription plans to listen hassle free music. There are free services to listen music with ads and first-time users on Galaxy Watch can get many free benefits from Spotify account.

7. Find My Car

It is human nature to forget some stuffs somewhere so the Find My Car is here to make everything easy for such users. The app is connected with your car so later you could find it when there is minimum chance to get the car. The app is not for everyone, only car users may find it important. It is available for Galaxy Watch, Gear Sport, Gear S3 and second-generation Gear S2 wearables.

8. Gear Voice Memo

Gear Voice Memo app is audio recording service from Samsung and it is inbuilt on every Samsung watches. This is the best app to record your voice using your wrist watch and later send it to your smartphone. The voice will record in clear sound and also you can use notes to share it with others. Get the Gear Voice Memo app from Galaxy App Store.

9. Here WeGo

The best navigation app on Samsung Galaxy is without doubt Here WeGo and its services will prove it to you. It is the accurate navigation service app and got much better ranking compare to other navigation apps. Use it to share your live locations with your family, friends and company staffs. It will guide you in new cities to find restaurants, hospitals, hotels, airport and other main spots. The Here WeGo is specially built for tiny watches and all Samsung watches take advantage of it.

10. Tidal

Samsung Gear Apps

After Spotify, the Tidal is another music streaming app for Galaxy Watch and other smartwatches. Instead of targeting all the music lovers, it focuses on only health motivational songs. It includes workout beats that will boost your mood in the outdoor activity or while doing yoga. The Tidal has both free and paid subscription models. In the free plan go with some ads in between tracks or buy paid subscription to listen any songs without disturbance. The app is new into the Galaxy App Store and works fine on all devices.

The list will go on if we mention each and every apps from the store, but we choose to recommend these apps for Samsung Galaxy Watch, Gear S3 Frontier/Gear S3 Classic, Gear Sport & Gear S2 smartwatches. Some apps are already built on your watch and you just have to start to use them. Remaining apps you can download and install from Galaxy/Gear App Store. All the apps are available for free to download and later you can buy premium services of some apps. Which apps are you using on your Samsung Smartwatch? Tell us in the comment box below.