List Of Best Utility Apps In Tizen Store

Tizen team has released collection of best utility apps in Tizen Store that may help you in your work life. Utility apps are helpful for effective work. These apps solves many problems, either by saving our time or by solving problems. Such apps uses in corporate life or in a school days for many tasks such as to create, edit or share your documents, make a presentation, gives a security to your project, put a reminder, scan your documents and for many kinds of works. One such app, Hancom Office Viewer is also one of those apps which helps users to use it on workplace. It is multitasking app and users can use it to create, edit, save, delete or sharing files with other customers.

The other app Xender is a sharing tool. You can share any images, documents, videos, audios & other files to other phones. It not only help you to share your files to other Tizen smartphones but also you can share your files to other Operating systems like Android & Apple phones. Then there is one app called Toolbox, with the best rating from users. The S Scanner app will must have to scan your documents or other important files. The Truedialer app will find out true owner of mobile number subscriber, to know who is calling you.

Best Utility Apps

The list of all utility apps are as follows:

1. Xender

2. Truedialer

3. Hancom Office Viewer

4. Pattern Lock Screen

5. Flashlight HD+

6. Zapya Webshare

7. Hancom Office

8. Toolbox

9. Reminder – Notes, Todos

10. S Scanner

Thes 10 best utility apps are must have for all the customers. I added Pattern Lock Screen into the list so your smartphone gets extra security. The Pattern Lock Screen will protect your phone from unknown users with the extra layer of security. The Reminder tool is in the list so you don’t miss any important meetings or other tasks. The all apps are available on Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1. All apps are free and supports well on all devices. If you read this article then you must read our other article, Best Recommended Tizen Games. You have any queries, then ask me in comments box below.