List Of Top 20 Tizen Apps From July 2018

The most selling apps of the last month July, 2018 has submitted and shockingly there are few new apps entered into the list. Every list of top 20 most popular Tizen apps of the month comes with some surprising apps which are either launched in that month or came into the limelight after getting huge downloads from Samsung Tizen phone users. The crowd for Tizen apps is not big compare to Android Play Store,so easily we can see most new apps come to top ranking, where Google Play Store & Apple App Store stays the same. Even Samsung’s own Gear App Store and Galaxy Store highlights same apps for months. The Tizen Store is always finds new featured apps in its library. This time 4 apps have got higher ranking into the top 20 Tizen Apps list.

Dont be shocked! WhatsApp Messenger app is not going anywhere, not anytime soon. The popular social sharing app has again protected its first place, followed by Facebook & Facebook Messenger which got 2nd & 3rd places. WhatsApp Status is again on the 4th place. The WhatsApp Status App has launched in June and since then enjoying sweet spot. Surprisingly, this time the only map app HERE Maps is now in the list on 5th position. This is not new app, it has launched 3 years ago, but this time cracked top list.

Best Tizen Apps

In the new apps, the first one is 3D Ball Free, positioned at 10th place. This is also the number one gaming app in the list. The other existing Temple Run 2 game is on 11th spot. The remaining 3 new apps are again comes from gaming category.

Best Tizen Apps

The Bottle 3D Shooting, Water Slide Rush and Speed Boat Racing are the new ones who got 15th, 17th & 18th places respectively. The last month’s trending game Hill Driver is still in the top ranking, now it is on 19th place, just before X Ray Cloth Scan Camera app.

The entertainment app Hotstar is on 9th place and the photo sharing app Instagram is on 14th rank. In this top 20 list there isn’t a single premium app from the world class developers. May be after the release of Samsung Galaxy Watch or the next Tizen 4.0 software update more developers could release their apps & games. We haven’t mentioned Reliance Jio apps in this list because of their availability on only few devices and they are available only in Indian market. To get the new apps from this list go to Tizen Store on your Samsung Tizen phones.