Ludo Game Launched In Tizen Store

The classic board game is always fun to play with our friends and family. Ludo is one classic board game that launched in Tizen Store. It hits with same gameplay & rules to play with more than two friends and maximum four players. It can be a multi player game if you want to say so.

There are too many Ludo games in the store so it is very hard to judge which one is better than other. It is now up to you to play this game & review it. The rules for Ludo game is given below.

Ludo on Tizen

How To Play:

It is multi player game, you need at least 2 to 4 players.

Colors on the dice show current player turn.

Current player will click on the dice & move their coin accordingly. Only one brings coin out.

Killing an opponent’s coin gives another turn. Reaching home gives another turn.

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Must kill an opponent’s coin to enter home. Stars shows safe cells. Coin will reset to starting cell, on entering in home without killing opponent’s coin.

Reset coin to starting point, will give another turn.

These are some simple rules you must follow while playing. The Ludo game takes only 1MB space on mobile. It is available on all devices. These kinds of games are always good to try. You must try Ludo in your free time with your friends or family.