Major Wear OS H-MR2 Update Reached to Oppo Watch

Google has been steadily moving forward with its “Fall Update” the Wear OS H-MR2 update to more devices now. This week it reached the Oppo Watch and with it brought few new amazing features and changes in the current ones. The first one that had received the update was Suunto 7 in September. The update claims to improve the overall efficiency of the smartwatch making the launch of apps 20% faster than they were before. The update is coming in phases and will reach other smartwatches that are powered by Wear OS by early next year.

The update has brought in Google’s changes like the under the hood battery display and better performance improvement that was usually a concern by the Wear OS-powered device users. Some users claim they have seen a much-improved performance with the current version compared to the previous one.

Oppo Watch Wear OS Update

For the Oppo users, Customize and never get bored by the same watch face as the update has got new watch faces. The update adds more built-in watch faces so you can choose from the fresh set of watch faces that will be available to you as soon as you update and install it. There has also been an improvement in the automatic sleep monitoring feature that was provided in the Oppo Watch but it was seen that the watch only tracked sleep between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 a.m.

This was an issue for users who slept at odd hours or who worked late nights even those who took regular naps weren’t having their sleep tracked. Don’t worry anymore as the update has taken care of this and now can easily track your sleep any time of the way without any hassle. Keep manually checking for the updates and update soon to unveil these cool features.