How to Make Calls from Galaxy Watch 6 & Watch 6 Classic

These days smartwatches are capable of making calls and answering them. They come with an eSIM facility that allows you to make a call. Almost all companies offer to call from their watches. It is possible with LTE variants, but what about Wi-Fi-only models? How to make calls from it, or answer the calls. I will answer your all questions, and let you know how to handle calls from your Galaxy Watch.

The answer to your first question is, yes, you can make calls with the Wi-Fi-only models. Go to a Phone app, dial the number, or choose a contact, and tap on the calling button. The only drawback is you have to rely on your paired smartphone. If you stay connected with your phone, then yes, you can make or answer calls. On the other hand, the LTE model allows you to leave your phone at home.

Calls on Galaxy Watch 6

The second question is can I switch to another SIM? Well, that is also possible. With the new update, you can switch to another SIM from your smartwatch. For example, if SIM 1 is your default SIM, and you want to call with a second SIM, then you can switch to the other SIM 2.

Calls on Galaxy Watch 6

To do that, while making a call, you have to tap & hold on SIM, and it will show you SIM 2 option. Now choose the second SIM, and make a call.

Third, can I store all my contacts on Galaxy Watch 6?

Calls on Galaxy Watch 6

Basically, you don’t need to do that. All your phone contacts will be automatically synchronized to your Galaxy Watch 6, so no need for extra effort. Of course, if you want, then manually, you can add more numbers to your phone book.

How to manage calls with Galaxy Watch 6 or Watch 6 Classic?

Calls on Galaxy Watch 6

For that, you have two options. You can use a Microphone or speaker on your watch, or connect to the earbuds. The sound quality of the microphone and speaker on Galaxy Watch 6 is fine, so if you don’t have earbuds, then still you can answer the calls.

Now you know how to make calls or answer them with your Galaxy Watch 6 & Watch 6 Classic Wi-Fi.

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