Master Chess Is Award Winning Game For Tizen

The Master Chess is the new chess game for Tizen smartphones. It is awarded in Tizen incentive program for its game quality. Chess is the game which attracts many users towards it. Most player plays it in their free time or to show their ultimate moves to their opponents. It is popular in between all ages, even kids can play it anywhere, anytime. Before the computer & mobile era most people plays it offline but now users can play it on their computers & phones. The Chess Free is the first of its kind of game launched on Tizen smartphones. The Chess Free is well known Chess game on Android & Apple devices and in the end of 2015 it released in Tizen Store.

The rules are of course same. If you are familiar with Chess then it is easy for you to defeat all opponents. You can play with your friends or choose system. Test your skill with your friends and see who wins the battle. It is easy to win with friends than the system, because system has its own strategies and it plays without any mistakes. Still you can change difficulty of game mode from the settings. Their are 3 levels to play – Easy, Medium & Difficult. Choose as per your skills from lower level to higher levels.

Master Chess

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Master Chess is the most advanced Chess game for Tizen phone. Master Chess has the strongest Chess engine ever developed, making it extremely had to beat by even the most skilled world class professional players. Normal players can adjust difficulty levels, making if fun to play for beginners, intermediate players and making it a tough challenge for even the best chess players.

Master Chess game contains all features any chess player would ever need. Master Chess can be played against your Tizen phone or in two player mode. Master Chess game is the best, the hardest to beat and most advanced free chess game on Tizen Store! You can play Master Chess on any Tizen smartphones. To download it go to Tizen Store and install it. Also don’t forget to share your score with our other readers.