Meta Cancelled Facebook Watch, Reportedly had two Cameras, GPS & eSIM

Meta, the company behind Facebook has reportedly halted its first Facebook Watch development. According to Bloomberg, the company has finally decided to cancel its smartwatch. Meta’s first watch is on the news for the last couple of years. It is said to be had all the premium features to compete with Apple Watch and Wear OS-powered Galaxy Watch 4. As per the report, it even had two cameras on both sides.

If the product had been launched, then it would have been the first smartwatch to have two cameras. This camera mystery was leaked by The Verge and later confirmed by the Bloomberg website. Now we can see that it was an unnecessary concept without any use.

We can understand one camera on the upper side, but the meaning of the rear camera on the below side would have definitely killed other health sensors. The camera concept was to take selfies from the front camera and group photos from the other.

Meta Halts Facebook Watch
Image Source: Bloomberg

The camera wasn’t the only premium feature on the watch. It supported Wi-Fi, GPS, and eSIM cellular for connectivity, so you can think of its price range. In the health sensor, it had everything and it also supported Facebook Messenger, Spotify integration, and rich social media notifications.

It sported to run for 18 hours on a single charge, and Facebook Watch is supposed to have Meta’s all social media apps. The targeting price for the unreleased watch was around $349. You can imagine, with all these features, it would be the dream smartwatch of any user. Now we will never know if these rumored features are true or not.