Mi Band 4 & Mi Fit App Receives New Updates

Update (Jan 15): After almost a month, the Mi Band 4 & the Mi Fit app is now getting new versions. the latest firmware version V1.0.9.22 is now rolling out in India that improves the overall quality of the band. As we checked the band, we haven’t found any new features or changes to the existing functions. At least, the last version had changed the name of some functions! The companion app Mi Fit also upgraded to app version 4.0.15 and it also only here to improve the app quality. We will inform you if we found any changes to the new software version.

Xiaomi has kept its promise of releasing new updates for Mi Band 4 in each month. After the November update with some added functions, now, Xiaomi has released new software for Mi Band 4 tracker. The compatible app Mi Fit is also getting the latest version to enhance the user experience by squshing some bugs. The Mi Fit has upgraded to 4.0.14 app version and as per the changelog it says, we improved user experience and fixed known bugs. As we checked in the app, we haven’t noticed any changes to existing features.

New Mi Band Update

Mi Band 4 Update

The Mi Band 4 is now getting firmware version from the previous version. The band also not received any new function or other changes. The company has only changed the name of the “Auto Screen Off” function to “Screen Timeout.” It has only changed the name not anything in the feature.

To install the new software on Mi Band 4 wearable, first, you have to update the Mi Fit app from the Play Store or App Store. To check for the latest version of the Mi Band, go to Mi Fit app, then tap on Profile. After that, click Mi Band 4 and then scroll down to check the Firmware version. I will inform you when finding any new feature in the latest software update.

Thank you, Govind Krishnan, for the tip.