Top Mi Band 4 Tips & Tricks That You Should Know

Mi Band 4 does more than we think. It comes with lots of features that are useful in many ways and Xiaomi delivers new software updates on time to time to seed more functions to it. Mi Band 4 is not only for tracking your steps, calories and change fresh watch faces. It is even more than that. There are many hidden features added to the band that you should unlock to get the correct usage of the band. The previous Band 3 had awarded as the best fitness tracker by many experts and now the new band has set the new boundaries.

The new AMOLED colored display, 135mAh battery, better fitness tracking tools, and newly added watch faces are the best part of Mi Band 4. Now here I will show you some tips & tricks for Mi Band 4 to unveil true potential. Some features you can unlock using the Band itself and some functions are hidden in the Mi Fit app. These are the top essential tips & tricks for Mi Band 4 tracker.

1. Activate Night Mode

Mi Band 4 Tips

The night mode or dark mode is available on Mi Band 4 fitness band. The company has added night mode function to the Mi Fit app but by default, it has turned off. The dark mode is a better option to save the battery and increase usability in the night view. In this mode, all colors go dim so the band takes the minimum battery to run, and in the night you can view it better.

To activate the night mode open Mi Fit app and then Profile -> Mi Band 4 -> Night Mode

2. Automatic Screen Off

The auto screen off feature has added recently in the previous update. Previously, the sensors were taken care of screen display on or off when you turn the hand. Now you can change the display setting to turn it off manually. You can set it from 6 to 10 seconds as per your requirement, where 5 seconds is by default setting. To activate auto turn off the display on your band go to More -> Settings -> Auto screen off. Here you will see Default, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 seconds. Choose any seconds as display and then your band’s screen will go off after a specific time.

3. Activate Heart Rate & Sleep Tracking

Mi Band 4 Tips

You don’t need a smartwatch to track your heart rate or sleep data. Your Mi Band 4 is one of the best wearables to detect the heart rate & sleep tracking. To save the battery these functions have deactivated though in the simple ways you can activate them. To do so open the Mi Fit app, then tap on Profile. After that click on Mi Band 4, then scroll down and open Heart rate detection. Now click on the Detection method, where you will see Automatic heart rate detection & Sleep assistant. Select this option to activate both HR monitoring & sleep quality measurement.

4. Get app notifications

Mi Band 4 Tips

It is the best option to get all the app notifications on the wrist. When you enable it you can get messages from apps that you have downloaded on the paired smartphone. Get WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and many other app notifications on the Mi Band. To activate it open Mi Fit, then Profile -> Mi Band 4 -> App Alerts. Here you can customize the apps to get notified. To customize it, click on Manage Apps settings and choose the essential apps that you want to receive messages.

5. Rearrange main display

Mi Band 4 Tips

You can change the menus on the main screen. You can rearrange them in the order you want them. To do that open Mi Fit app, then Profile -> Mi Band 4 -> Display Settings. Now touch & hold the menu that you want to rearrange and drag it. You can also hide the menus which you don’t want to use. Just drag & drop it in the Hidden items section that is present on the same screen at the lower side.

These are the best tips & tricks for Mi Band 4 tracker. These tips will surely help you to get the most from your wearable. If you don’t understand any steps, then ask us in the comment box below.

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