Mi Band 5 Receiving Firmware Update

Xiaomi’s latest Mi Smart Band 5 is now promoted to the firmware version The latest piece of software will improve the overall quality of the band by enhancing its performance and squashing some known bugs. The previous version had brought automatic workout detection which automatically knows your workout mode and act on it. But this new version doesn’t bring that much along with it. Stilll, you wil not see any new function on the fitness tracker, there are some improvements to the core apps. Also, it brings some new languages to users. Most of the languages are from Europe, and Polish is one of them. On the reviews of some users, the device has brought accuracy to the tracking functions and the increased speed in some features.

As per the users, Xiaomi has fixed some bugs of sleep tracking to give you accurate results. The REM sleep is the feature that has enhanced in the firmware version. Since the beginning, we haven’t seen any major or minor issue with the sleep pattern or with REM Sleep data. Though, some customers on social media has raised questions about the accuracy of the sensor. Now, as we go with those customers, then we could see major bump in the result. Apart from that, you will see better results in heart rate monitoring and step counter. Hope this time we get few ghost steps in the outdoor.

Mi Band 5 Update

The new update is currently rolling out in Indonesia and soon you will see it in other countries in the coming days. As always, you have to first update Mi Fit app to the latest version. Once you update the Mi Fit app then Mi Smart Band 5 will install the new version. The update is only for new band, as there is no software available for Mi Smart Band 4C, Band 4 or Band 3 at the moment.