Mi Fit Update Brings REM Sleep Feature for Mi Band 5

Mi Fis is now receiving a new 4.2.0 app update in the iOS App Store & the Android Play Store. The app has updated to bring support for Mi Band 5. As we discovered the updated app, then we found out the new REM sleep function. The Mi Band 5 fitness tracker supports REM Sleep function, so the company has updated the app to get better results. Now in the sleep section, users can detect REM sleep to find out irregular sleep & sporadic sleep pattern by utilizing heart rate variability and respiratory information. It also provides information to improve their Keep time, reports Gadgets & Wearables.

As per the information received by some users, the app has fixed ghost steps and the step counter issue. When the users try to sync step counters with the app, then it was failing to synchronize the data. Now users can get accurate results. The other issue was with Sleep tracking, where users were getting wrong data, or sleep tracking was not working correctly. Now, as per some users, the function is again showing accurate results and syncing data with the app.

Mi Fit app update

Mi Band 5 is the most advanced tracker from Xiaomi in the Mi Band lineup. The company said the PPG sensor used in Mi Band 5 gives 40% accurate results in HR & sleep tracking. The Mi Fit app update is now available in the Android Play Store & iOS App Store.