Microsoft Outlook app for Galaxy Watch 4 Fixes many Issues, including Watch Face

Microsoft app has a companion app on both Wear OS by Google & Samsung’s Tizen OS. Compared to both platforms, the Outlook app on Tizen OS offers more features than the Wear OS version. Now, the Galaxy Watch 4 is running on Wear OS 3 version, so many users at first faced many issues with the app. To overcome those early issues and to optimize the Outlook app, the Microsoft team has released a new app version in the Play Store for Wear OS. The app version 4.2134.2 is now available in the store for the smartwatch app.

The main feature of Microsoft outlook optimized on the Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic is its watch face. The company has introduced a watch face for smartwatches, but the Galaxy Watch 4 users were getting a black screen when using it. Many users have complained about it in the forums, and finally, the team listened to them. The official watch face will show you incoming emails and events on the display, so you should get an alert.

Outlook on Galaxy Watch 4

The double notification issue has also been solved. Some users were receiving two separate notifications from a phone app & a watch app. The new Outlook app version is more optimized for the Galaxy Watch 4, and it works really fine. Further, it is easy to use a calendar and reminder features. The new app version for Wear OS is available in Play Store. It will take some time to reach all the regions.

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