Microsoft’s One Handed Word Flow Keyboard Is Now Live

Many tech geeky persons might heard this news before that Microsoft is working on one special keyboard for the users who want to handle their devices with only one hand. Well, after the year, now that news came into the real and Microsoft is still working on it. The new keyboard is Word Flow and with it users can use it with just one hand. On the smartphones it will take space on the right side or the left side of the phone in the semicircular shape.

The Keyboard is now softly launched on iOS devices and the users which have newer iPhone or iPad can install it right from their iOS App Store. Right now it is not available for Android or Tizen platform nor their own Windows Phone devices.


The iOS version of the Word Flow Keyboard is still in Beta mode and there are lots of works to do on it. By default, it is on the right side of the phone so only right handed users can use it, the left handed users can change it from the keyboard setting as per their need. It is the best creation from Microsoft for many users, specially it will help to the one handed users who can’t use their both hands. The keyboard is also helpful for those users which have habits to use only hand on their devices like when they are taking their food or doing other work with one hand. Single handed users can use it as per their need and per their requirements.

The Word Flow Keyboard is now only available in iOS App Store, there is no official word on its launch date for Android, Tizen and Windows Phone platform. The keyboard is free in App Store and you can install on all newer iPhone and iPad models. If you are using any one device of Apple then you can use it. Remaining users stay with us to know more about Word Flow Keyboard app.