Missing Galaxy S21 Camera Features will Come Next Month

Yesterday was a big day for Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 2 & Z Flip devices. It may be the first time Samsung has released firmware for many flagship phones in a single day. The vast majority of downloads also created chaos, and in South Korea, the Samsung server had witnessed server failure for a while. The latest One UI 3.1 update brought many Galaxy S21 features to the older flagships, but not all. Some features were missing from the regular update.

The camera features like Google Discover, and camera function Director’s View was missing from it. Now, we have an answer for it. The Samsung rep in the home country has answered the user’s question and gave a brief answer. According to the camera team, at the time of firmware rollout, camera features were not ready to launch. He/she further says the unstable version could have created unnecessary issues on the devices, so in the final inspection, it decided to delay them. You can read below one answer from the series of answers.

Next Galaxy S20 Update

We plan to support the new features of the Galaxy S21 camera as much as possible, and items that take time to support the new features will be provided in the March update. Please note.

Next Note 20 Update

Now, the good news, Samsung has promised to dispatch it in March along with other missing features. Finally, the camera team mentions there could be new features, but we are not sure which are they. There is no specific release date mentioned in the answer, so it might be in the early next month or the middle.