Modern Counter Attack Is FPS Game For Tizen

The new Modern Counter Attack by Integer Productions is First Person Shooter (FPS) game for Tizen smartphones. It comes with high quality graphics and shiny visual effects with extra cool features. In less than a week it has grabbed almost all gamers towards its attractive gameplay and high pack action. Last few months, Tizen saw huge flow of Racing genre games. This is relief to the fans of action games. Modern Combat 5 is the ultimate hit in this category. After that we haven’t seen any eye catching games, Modern Counter Attack is now here to fill that gap.

Be a commando and enter into the war zone to kill terrorism. You must stay alert and kill all the terrorist groups by using your deadly weapons. Win battle to move into next mission and every mission is challenging & exciting than previous one. Remember you are the soldier fighting for his country and you should be ready anytime to take challenges. Use different kind of skills and weapons to destroy enemies.

Modern Counter Attack

The game works perfect on new Samsung Z4 & Z2 devices. I recommend you to play on these devices for lag free entertainment. Learn more about Modern Counter Attack game from official description. The game gives you better chance to play outside your boundaries and create your own squad.

The best first person shooting game on mobile – Modern Counter Attack. Step on to the combat zone and be the commando in this war against terrorism. Shoot your way through different stages to win the battle. Enjoy the fresh levels to win against your opponents and challenge your friends. To challenge your friends you must have to play it online so make sure you have better internet connection.

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This game is based on an influential team of combat army forces and shooters who are prepared to join duty anytime and anywhere for country to eliminate terrorism. Here your role is to play as a leader who needs to guide the complete team through dangerous enemy attacks with access to powerful guns. Enjoy this remarkable action game with realistic animations and powerful soundeffects. Be the survivor to win the war, where you all need is Skill, Focus and passion for Victory. Now go to Tizen Store and download Modern Counter Attack on Samsung Z4, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 & Samsung Z1 gadgets.

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