More Evidence of Samsung Watches Adopting Wear OS Came Ahead

The famous leaker UniverseIce shocked every Galaxy Watch user by claiming the next Samsung watch will run on Wear OS. It was first saying that it could be another leak that will not come into life. Now, more leakers are staying with this news, and this time leaked source code is confirming it. The XDA Developers team has discovered the code name ‘Merlot’, and it is associated with Google’s Wear OS. The device was actually first appeared along with Galaxy Watch 3, which is now six months old in the market.

Many tipster hopes for both Wear OS watch along with Tizen OS. No one wants to shut down Tizen watches because these watches are more popular than the Google platform. In the last few years, Samsung has built great quality wearables. The Galaxy Watch 3 & Galaxy Watch Active 2 are more popular than any Wear OS-powered smartwatches. When we last checked out data, then Samsung has stood at a 12% market share in the wearable market. The Wear OS was only at 3% shares, which is shrinking every year.

The fall Wear OS ecosystem could be the main reason Google wants Samsung on its side. The watch with Wear OS will boost sales, and it will help Google to grab loyal users. Samsung will launch Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch Active 3 in the second half, where we will get a better picture.