More Google Pixel Buds 2 Complaints Arises

Last week, when few customers complained about call cut out issues with Pixel Buds 2, then Google promised to solve it with the next firmware update. That might not happen as more customers are witnessing the same problem with their earbuds. First, Google thought it was a fault with some units, and it will fix with the next firmware; thus, after the rising of many complaints, Google has another plan. The company has now offered refunds to the users who have received faulty products.

The one customer on its Reddit account has shared that he received a refund from Google. First, when he raised the call cutout issue when Google asked him to submit the product and get the other Pixel Buds 2. After when he got a new unit and found out the problem with the replaced product, then he finally asked for a full refund. Google refunded him the total amount, but now other users are asking for the same. There are not all the customers who have call cutout problem as their Pixel Buds 2 are working fine.

Google Pixel Buds 2

Many tech experts have reviewed Google Pixel Buds 2 and rated it with a good response. To overcome this problem, Google needs to act quickly on it by either releasing a new firmware update or replacing all units. The problem is major in Google Pixel phone & Samsung phone users. Google said the call cutout issue would solve soon though we don’t know how Google will overcome it. Have you received faulty earbuds, or is it working fine?