Most Trending Top 20 Apps From May 2018

The list of most trending top 20 Tizen apps from month of May 2018 has released. It shows some unexpected changes into the rankings of the apps. There are 4 new apps make their space into the list and as always messaging app WhatsApp is on first spot. The interesting thing here is new app ‘ X Ray Cloth Scan Camera Prank app’ is spotted on third rank. It is just entertaining app which is made for fun. It has beaten Facebook Messenger & Hotstar to get that space. For last month Hotstar was on third place which is now through back to 5th place. The other new app Airplane Shooter 3D is on 13th position and School of Driving is on 16th place. There is one new app called Photo Editor is on 19th place, also this is the only app launched in Productivity category.

You can see list of all the trending 20 Tizen apps from the image. In the first 10 apps there is only one new app, otherwise all the apps are known to users. If you don’t know features of the new apps then here is the little summaries of them.

1. X Ray Cloth Scan Camera Prank

Top Tizen Apps

This is a fun app, where you can easily simulate a X-Ray with your mobile showing X-ray effects on girl’s cloth and body. You can try it on anyone. Try playing prank by simulation a scan on a girls body and seeing through her cloths. You can’t really do that using this app, but you can play a real prank on any girls. Please note that this is not a real x ray scanner and no body parts are scanned but you can create or edit any photo to give it a X-ray effect.

2. Airplane Shooter 3D

Top Tizen Apps

Become the real 3D shooter and shoot down the airplanes, aircrafts, jets and many more to eliminate terrorists. Airplane Shooter 3D is an amazing shooting game to feel the thrilling blasting effects. Shooting games are not easy to play but this airplane shooter is different from the rest of the games. It’s a conceptual and unique shooter game with high quality gameplay.

3. School of Driving

Are you ready to be a city driver?
Feel free to play any mode, Career, Checkpoint, Drift or Stunt mode. Earn points and get more car…
Earn more points and personalize your car with rims and colors.

4. Photo Editor

Create new amazing photos with Photo Editor application !!! Many features have fun !!!

These are the 4 new Tizen apps with the most downloads in the month of May 2018. The most of last month’s trending apps are no more in the list. You can get all the apps from Tizen Store on your Tizen smartphones.